Football NSW Annual General Meeting Update

Football NSW has experienced overwhelming success in the 2015 season.

Across all areas of the business, the game has again seen an impressive increase of sustained growth, maturity and development.

Football in NSW has seen an increase in all the key metrics around the game – player numbers, qualified coaches and referees.

In a coup for the sport an 8% growth on last year was revealed where over 290,000 players, over 14,000 coaches, 5,400 referees and 1150 volunteers across 706 clubs all played pivotal roles in the continual development of the world game in NSW.

For all the players, coaches, referees and volunteers who participated in any version of the game – outdoor, Futsal, Summer Football, or schools, it was pleasing to see the efforts of the dedicated administrators – paid and volunteer – impacting on the experience of over 320,000 participants.

Along with the impressive numbers, Football NSW was happy to advise that FNSW participation fees for 2016 remained unchanged from the 2015 levels.

This was the fifth year in a row the fees have not been increased.

Since 2011, the fees charged have either decreased or remained stable across all age groups.

These fees include no increase in the NRF nor the cost of insurance to participants.

The increase of new Football Facilities across all levels of the game also took a massive turn for the better as the flow of artificial surfaces hit the 30 number thanks to the hard work and efforts of Football NSW’s Head of Communications, Facilities & Government Relations Ricardo Piccioni and management.

One such advocate for the game and a man that played an instrumental role in the continual push increasing the awareness of the sport, Chairman Greg O’Rourke, played a key role in Football NSW’s improvement year upon year has bid farewell to his current post, resigning his post.

Greg was a football man through and through and always put the good of the game first before anything else to unify the game, work with and support FFA in its National endeavours, grow, develop and promote the game at all levels in NSW and work collaboratively and communicate effectively with the football family. Something he did tremendously well.

Football NSW would like to thank Greg for all his commitment, passion and hard work over the last several years in getting the organisation to where it is today and would like to wish him all the best with all his future endeavours.

Greg’s services to the game were acknowledged by Football NSW Deputy Chairman Mark Reading at the Annual General Meeting.

Following this news, Football NSW would like to confirm that Rob Laws, Chris Gardiner and Jeanette Jones have been voted in by the Football NSW Stakeholders at the 2016 Annual General Meeting.

Joining the new faces will be current Directors Mark Reading, Stephen Hayes, Anter Issac, James Chetcuti and Louie Apostolovski.

As part of the Football NSW Constitution, a new Chairman will be elected amongst these Directors at the next Board Meeting which will be held on Thursday 31st March.

Football NSW would like to congratulate and pay respects to Simon Phillips and Charlie Yankos for their tireless efforts and support during their tenures.

Football NSW Press Release.

Headline Photo: (L-R) Chris Gardiner, Jeanette Jones, Rob Laws